Dr. Jeffrey Blair, PhD; Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Master Herbalist

Dr. Blair earned his PhD in nutritional science, and is the author of Runology: The Science of Running Endurance, Longer Life, Addiction, Healing; and Dear God, Why Am I So Tired?, and his newest book, Unleash your Inner health! Dr. Blair has lectured around the country and has been interviewed on national radio shows and television shows viewed around the world. He served as staff nutritionist at Integrative Cardiology and has been a consultant to the nutritional supplement industry. Dr. Blair's passion is studying the latest research from around the world relating to health and fitness. 

Board Certified in Alternative Medicine (AAMA)
Fellow of the Naturopathic Medicine Research Society 
Certified Instructor by American Association of Drugless Practitioner
Member of The American Botanical Association


Dr. Blair specializes in:

Permanent weight loss through the reduction of hormones that cause cravings and weight gain. 

Natural treatments for:
Stress / Anxiety
Blood pressure 
Migraine headaches
Hormone balance 
Men's hormonal imbalance (ED)


Why Diets Fail!   --by Dr. Blair

Every year we are bombarded by the latest, greatest, newest, best ever diet plan, book, supplement, or program! If you believe the reports promoted on popular television shows and magazines, losing weight is easy. It is not. In 1980 around 22% of the population was overweight. 36 years later that has skyrocketed to an amazing 65% that are overweight! This has happened despite spending millions of dollars on the latest and greatest diet each year.

Why don’t diets work? My research shows that diets fail because they do not address the root cause of weight gain. Even the best diets, like the low-carb programs I recommend, are difficult to maintain without addressing the reasons why so many people gain weight. Of course, weight gain is caused by eating more calories than are burned so losing weight should be as simple as cutting calories and exercising more!  If it were that simple nearly 3 out of 4 people would not be overweight.

We have been told to cut fat out of our diets but it has been proven that dietary fat does not cause weight gain. The true cause of weight gain is sugar, including bread, pasta, rice, and white flour. My diet program calls for a drastic reduction in carbohydrates and I’ve proven that a high fat, high protein, low carb diet is the healthiest, and sheds the most pounds! Eating fewer carbohydrates is quite difficult because the body craves fructose but over time it does get easier. Carbohydrates like sugar, bread, pasta, flour, and rice are converted by the liver to triglycerides and stored as body fat. Healthy fats such as omega-3 and even saturated fats actually put the body in a fat-burning mode and promote weight loss. I recommend staying away from omega-6 fats (vegetable oils like canola) and trans-fats (partially hydrogenated oils) because they cause inflammation throughout the body.

Again, if it were only that simple more people would have lasting success. So, 18 years ago I set out to get to the root cause of weight gain. My research showed that sugar is addictive and that most people eat too many carbs due to stress. It only takes a small amount of stress in our lives to cause weight gain. Here’s how it works: stress (from work, kids, spouse, etc) causes the adrenal glands to release a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol immediately raises blood sugar levels, followed by carbohydrate cravings and ultimately those carbs being stored as body fat. Many people are under chronic, daily stress and there is an overload of cortisol in the bloodstream. The reason most diets fail and the obesity rate has reached epidemic levels is that “diets” do nothing to eliminate the underlying cause of weight gain…stress hormones.

I developed an herbal supplement that is clinically proven to lower cortisol levels and strengthen the adrenal glands’ ability to deal with everyday stress. For 16 years people taking my product, I named Adrena-Live, have reported permanent weight loss, more energy, less stress & anxiety, deeper sleep, and improved libido. Of course there is no “magic” pill but Adrena-Live helps eliminate cortisol to control carbohydrate cravings and gives you the energy to go for a walk or workout to burn those extra calories. I have testimonials from housewives that report losing weight while being able to handle stress better. They report a feeling of wellbeing while having more energy. My wife Patty calls it her “happy pill” because it balances her hormones, and she feels depressed when she forgets to take it.  A United States Marine is currently taking Adrena-Live and he reports that it is helping him deal with the extreme workouts of boot camp. There is even a former pro football superstar taking Adrena-Live who says it gives him a ton of energy and has helped him lose fat without dieting!  

The key to permanent weight loss is reducing sugar intake and carbohydrate cravings, and reducing the stress hormone cortisol makes that easier. Every year Americans spend millions of dollars on fad diets searching for the magic formula only to be disappointed, and until the root cause is addressed the obesity rates will continue to rise.



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