Dr. Campbell and the Art of Thermographic Excellence

James Stewart Campbell, MD, received his Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering at Lehigh University, then went on to study medicine at the Albany Medical College in Albany, NY, graduating as Doctor of Medicine in 1970. He studied surgery in Seattle, Washington, but the untimely death of his mentor changed the direction of his career.
James Stewart Campbell, MD; Director of Clinical Thermography in Clemmons, NC

Dr. Campbell became involved with the "Green Revolution," which was in full swing at that time. He helped found The County Doctor Clinic in Seattle, where he set up the departments of surgery, home childbirth, and geriatrics. As the Country Doctor, he was introduced to many forms of alternative medicine, and he added acupuncture, herbology, and medical simples to his practice. 

In 1975, Dr. Campbell explored the country looking for a really rural place to practice. He settled in Hayesville, NC, where he founded the nonprofit Mountain People's Clinic. There he trained several midwives to help with home childbirth, and helped a local surgeon by performing anesthesia at the small hospital in Hiawassee, Georgia. He continued his use of herbals, many of which he gathered in the local area.

In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Campbell used his medical engineering knowledge to develop custom devices for electro-acupuncture, experimenting with different frequencies and waveforms for calming and stimulating the traditional acupuncture points. He built a custom passive and active solar-heated home in the Shooting Creek Valley of Clay County, and he eventually moved his practice there.

Dr. Campbell left the North Carolina mountains in 1986 to work in medical electronics design. This took him to Washington, DC; Hanover, NH; and finally back to King, NC, where he developed the VascuMAP Automatic Air Plethymograph for Carolina Medical Electronics, Inc. He also worked with ultrasound imaging, Doppler flowmeters, and other non-invasive diagnostic instruments. 

At the completion of his design work, he decided to stay in the Triad area and went back into the practice of medicine in 1993. Since then he has worked as a contract physician for over twenty practice locations in the Triad, and has witnessed both the good and the ugly sides of medicine. Wherever he has practiced, however, Dr. Campbell's guiding principle has been to help the patient above all other considerations. 

In 2010, Dr. Campbell contracted with Integrative Life Solutions, Inc., as their Thermography Director, where he has applied his depth of experience in medicine and biomedical engineering to ensure that ILS produces some of the best thermography images in the Triad, if not the entire state. His fastidious scientific nature also ensures excellence in the interpretation of those images. Since the launch of ILS’s thermography service, Dr. Campbell has seen, and helped 489 thermography clients. 

Dr. Campbell is a member of the American Academy of Thermology.


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