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Dr. James S. Campbell, MD General Practitioner

Themography: the non-invasive, non-radiation 
full body and breast cancer screening

Dr. Campbell received his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering at Lehigh University, and wenton to study medicine at the Albany Medical College in Albany, NY, graduating as Doctor of Medicine in 1970. He helped found The County Doctor Clinic in Seattle, WA, where he set up the departments of surgery, home childbirth, and geriatrics. At the Country Doctor, he was introduced to many forms of alternative medicine, adding acupuncture, herbals, and medical simples to his practice. In 1975, Dr. Campbell settled in rural NC, where he founded the nonprofit Mountain People's Clinic. There he trained several midwives to help with home childbirth and assisted a local surgeon by performing anesthesia at the small hospital in GA. In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Campbell used his engineering and medical knowledge to develop custom protocols for acupuncture and vitapuncture, using vitamin injections to calm or stimulate the traditional acupuncture points.

Dr. Campbell left the mountains in 1986 to work in medical electronics design. This took him to Washington, DC; Hanover, NH; and finally back to King, NC, where he developed the VascuMAP® Automatic Air Plethysmograph for Carolina Medical Electronics, Inc. He also worked with ultrasound imaging, Doppler devices, and other non-invasive diagnostic instruments. At the completion of his design work, he decided to stay in the Triad area and went back into the practice of medicine in 1993. Since then he has worked as a contract physician for over twenty practice locations in the Triad. Wherever he has practiced, however, Dr. Campbell's guiding principle has been to help his patients above all other considerations, advising them to avoid being over-medicated, over-radiated, or subjected to unnecessary and ineffective invasive procedures.

In 2010, Dr. Campbell contracted with Integrative Life Solutions, Inc., as Director  of Thermography, where he has applied his depth of experience in medicine and biomedical engineering to ensure that ILSI produces some of the best thermography images in the Triad, if not the entire state.His fastidious scientific nature also ensures excellence in the interpretation of those images.   Since the launch of ILSI's thermograpy service, Dr. Campbell has seen and helped hundred of thermography clients.  He does partial-body, full-body and breast cancer screening thermography. He is a member and on the board of the American Academy of Thermology.

Charles Kirkman, CPC, LMBT #14450

As a massage and bodywork therapist, Charles enjoys the challenge in finding ways to help
others live a more fulfilling, healthy life through the non-invasive use of therapeutic massage.

He is a graduate of Living Arts Institute and was trained in some of the latest techniques used in massage therapy today, such as deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point therapy. These therapies can be very beneficial in relieving pain from many common issues relating to plantar fasciitis or muscle related nerve entrapment found with the brachial nerve plexus and sciatica.

Charles also has advanced certification in prenatal massage and can tailor a treatment for each trimester to provide drug-free relief from the physiological changes that occur during pregnancy.



Sally Morrissey RN BS WCC CHTP  

Healing Touch is a relaxing nurturing energy therapy that uses gentle touch to assist in balancing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Healing Touch research suggests that there are many benefits such as calming anxiety, depression, decreasing pain, supporting cancer care, creating a sense of well-being, deepening spiritual connection, and many others. Individual experiences will vary.

Sally has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years. She went to nursing school in New Jersey. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Health care Management in New Jersey as well. Sally has been in North Carolina since 1995. She is Wound Care Certified and most recently became a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner.  Sally is a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association, Healing Beyond Borders, and National Alliance of Wound Care Organization.

Her main objective is to be a healing presence and serve at all times.  She desires to provide exceptional patient care and be a patient advocate.  She believes there is a bridge to be built between Eastern and Western medicine and we can all be a part of that through knowledge and experience.

Pat Benfield: Clinical Neurofeedback Specialist

At ILS, our neurofeedback specialist is Pat Benfield, MHDL, CRT, CBIS-CI, CCAA. Pat is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and has a Masters in Human Development. She is a qEEG NeuroPsychoPhysiology Clinician with more than 40 years of experience helping children, adolescents, and adults with cognitive, behavioral, physical, and adjustment challenges.

For the last 22 years, Pat has focused on helping those with brain injury, cognitive aging issues, and other neurophysiological disorders. She has used biofeedback for more than 20 years and neurofeedback for more than 10 years to successfully treat disrupted and dysregulated physiology associated with stress, trauma, brain injuries and the constellation of related emotional, cognitive, and physical disorders.

Pat also has worked as a Clinical Coordinator for neuropsychologists and was instrumental in establishing the first successful day-treatment programs for rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury in Hickory and Charlotte, NC, where she obtained her initial training and experience in biofeedback and then furthered her training through the Biofeedback Therapist Training Institute.

Pat has received didactic training to read qEEG brain maps and administer scientifically based neurofeedback training from Richard Soutar, PhD, her mentor, and other well-known experts in the field of neurofeedback such as Robert W. Thatcher, PhD (Z-Score training); Kirtley Thornton, PhD (qEEG activation model); Tom and Linda Brownback, PhDs (Neurodiagnostic Evaluation and Training); Mark Smith, LCSW (InfraLow Frequency and Advanced Z-Score training); and Siegfried Othmer, PhD, and Sue Othmer, BA (SMR and ILF training), among many others.

She is a qualified expert and leader in the field of brain injury rehabilitation in her professional and local communities and has been qualified as an Expert Witness in legal proceedings as a Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Therapist and Vocational Evaluator.

Pat was one of the first clinicians to obtain her certification as a Certified Brain Injury Specialist and clinical instructor through the ACBIS.

Pat is a member in good standing in a number of professional organizations. She is an active Board member for the Southeast Biofeedback & Clinical Neuroscience Association (formerly known as the North Carolina Biofeedback Society), has served several terms as secretary and president and as Conference Planning Chair (2005-2012). She is an active Board member and treasurer (2007-present) with the International Society for Cognitive Rehabilitation. The organization’s primary focus is to assure high standards of ethical and professional practice in the evidence-based fields of biofeedback and neurofeedback and in cognitive rehabilitation.

Pat has written published and unpublished scientific papers on cognitive and psychosocial rehabilitation and use of qEEG and neurofeedback as efficacious treatments for brain injury and has made many conference presentations.

Paula Chiarmonte, MLS  
PSYCH-K®  Facilitator

As a neurofeedback and biofeedback facilitator, Paula assists youth and adults with attention, mood, and memory challenges at Integrative Life Solutions wellness center in Clemmons, North Carolina. Her PSYCH-K® biofeedback practice, Whole Brain Balancing, is a “deep change” technique aligning conscious mind intentions with  subconscious beliefs.

She is a Preferred Affiliate with PSYCH-K International, having studied with Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief) and Rob Williams. PSYCH-K is a brain integration technique; synchronizing the conscious, subconscious and super conscious aspects of the mind; to release self-limiting beliefs held in the subconscious.

Based on neuroscience split-brain research and validated by neurofeedback, it blends the psychology of self-empowerment, with the new biology of intention. Featuring a “balance” to create equilibrium across the brain’s right and left hemisphere, the resulting “whole brain state” also connects the conscious and subconscious mind, to transform deep-seated beliefs. Whole brain balancing alleviates stress, addresses trauma, fosters emotional resiliency and enhances mental flexibility.

Originally trained as a research librarian, Paula later served as senior analyst in economic development, specializing in healthcare informatics.  A librarian at Cornell University, she also trained California public librarians to deliver eHealth information services. As an independent scholar, she published the definitive bibliography of American women artists in 1990, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).

A former consultant to nonprofit organizations nationally; she was capital campaign director for Community Counseling Services in San Francisco, senior campaign director at Custom Development Solutions in Charleston, and managing consultant at Skystone Partners in Sacramento. While leading multi-million dollar fundraising campaigns in California, she trained library foundation boards statewide in major gift fundraising, sponsored by the California State Library.

Holding an advanced degree and two undergraduate degrees, she studied at the University of California (Los Angeles and Long Beach); State University of New York at Buffalo; and University of Siena, Italy. Professional certifications include transformational healthcare leadership, healthcare disparities, economic development and charitable planned giving.

Her major publications range from the scholarly bibliography, Women Artists in the United States:  A Selective Bibliography and Resource Guide on the Fine and Decorative Arts, 1850-1986; to Handbook of Volunteer Management (North Carolina Governor’s Office); and Create a Planned Giving Bequest Program for Your Library (Friends and Foundations of California Libraries).

Troy Hurst, Reflexology

Troy Hurst has been practicing Reflexology for over 15 years and received his certification from the International Institute of Reflexology in St. Petersburg, Florida. He utilizes the Ingham method of treatment; a very scientific method of reading the hands and feet, which clears blockages and allows the body to heal naturally. He has helped hundreds of people to correct ailments of the body through the healing power of Reflexology. Troy is a strong man of Faith and intuition and is thankful for his God given gifts and wants to use them to help others. He believes in creating an effective treatment plan by listening to his clients and listening to the body through the feet and hands. It's a very effective way to start the healing process and provide sometimes instant relief from ailments, aches and pains.   

A life-long learner and purveyor of the Arts, when he is not in session with clients, he can be found doing local community theatre and assisting on the board of Aids Care Services. He and his wife also help with The Challengers Baseball League, an organization that assist mentally and physically challenged boys and girls to experience of joys of playing baseball. Troy is married to his beautiful wife Rhonda and have three amazing children: Brennon, Alyssa and Chloe.

Kathy Groce, E #6078



Kathy has always had a passion for skin care and helping others look their best. Over 5 years ago Kathy made the decision to better her education on skin care and enrolled in the Artistic Academy in North Wilkesboro where she graduated with her esthetics degree. She was taught a full range of skin care services, products, and techniques to help her clients put their best face forward. 







Ashton Conner, LMBT #15041

Ashton Conner Massage Clemmons NC


Ashton graduated from Living Arts Institute with over 800 hours of hands on training. Since graduating she has attended classes to continue her knowledge in massage therapy. She is a wonderful and kind therapist with a heart for helping people. With a medical training background in massage, Ashton specializes in Swedish and Deep Tissue.





Megan Woodall, LMBT #13193

Megan Woodall Massage Clemmons NC


Megan graduated with honors from the Living Arts Institute in 2013 with over 800 hours of hands on training. Megan specializes in Deep Tissue, Sports Enhancement and Relaxation massage techniques. She also offers other massage modalities including Foot Reflexology and Aromatherapy Facial Massage. Each session with Megan is customized to fit the needs of the clients. When Megan is not working she enjoys spending time with her husband and coaching softball alongside her father.




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