Building a Healthier Community

Wellness Center

For anyone who prefers all-natural integrative, regenerative, and holistic health and wellness options, including neurofeedback, medical thermography,  aromatherapy, bodywork and massage, organic skin care and manicures, energy and bioenergetic therapies, PSYCH-K® whole brain balancing,  and other complementary health and wellness services.


Bio Identical Hormones
Dietary Plans
Genetic Testing
Natural Medicines
Neurodegenerative Therapy
Neurotransmitter Testing
Nutritional Testing
Nutritional IV Therapy
Parasite Analysis
Skin Care
Stem Cell Treatments
Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

Biotech Sales

For qualified integrative healthcare providers and physicians who want to add proven bioenergetic health
technologies and products to their practice, including HeartQuest, Theragem, Double Helix Water, Vital Force Technology, and Clinical-Grade Essential Oils.

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