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Bioenergetic Technologies and Products for a Successful Practice

Your success is all about you—your skill, clinical insight, and compassion for your clients. However, innovative yet proven biotechnologies can contribute to growing your practice and better helping your clients.

The technologies and products featured under Biotechnology Sales are ones that our therapists use, so we have put them to the test in our clinic and we know they work. They are options that the public is seeking in ever-increasing numbers, and they set our clinic apart from others in the area, providing us a competitive and clinical advantage. They can do the same for you.

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Join Us at the Frontier of Healthcare

All of these systems and products are leading-edge technologies based on the latest frontier research in medicine, health, biology, and physics. Most integrate biophysical and bioenergetics theory and practice, allowing practitioners to be truly holistic in their clinical approach.

They are based on the premise that we have a body-field, a dynamic structure of information and energy fields that serves as a master control system for the physical body. The research evidence shows that we are both physical and bioenergetic beings, and to be healthy we have to attend to both aspects of ourselves. By approaching healthcare from this integrative perspective, you can better help your clients to reach down to the root causes of their problems instead of working mostly at the level of symptoms.

Many of you reading this may already be working at the level of the human energy field. However, frontier research has taken us even deeper. Physicist Jacob Bekenstein has said that information appears to be the most fundamental aspect of the universe, even more fundamental than energy. Research is mounting that makes this truth undeniable—the human body is in many ways quantum in nature.

Admittedly, "quantum" has become a buzzword. Nevertheless, researchers from systems theorist Ervin Laszlo to biophysicist James Oschman to biologists Rupert Sheldrake and Bruce Lipton to Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier are showing that we are energy and information beings. We are influenced by the energy and information fields internal and external to us, and our own energy and information extends beyond the limits of our bodies to interact with other people and to influence the material world. It is indeed an exciting time in the fields of medicine, healthcare, and biology!

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