Benefits of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Scan

Shows your starting point

Gauge the starting point when you begin therapy, so you will know exactly what is going on with your health. More than nine different screens (ANS, neurohormonal, cardiovascular adaption, etc.) giving comprehensive data.

Before & After scans reveal impact of therapy

Get a scan before a therapy session and immediately after so you and your doctor can both see the immediate positive or negative benefit of the treatment. A negative shift can mean several things: that the therapy is not the right one for you at that time, that the body is especially stressed and can’t easily make changes and so therapy should proceed very slowly, or that a shift is taking place and energy is being used to make those healing changes and so some parameters will temporarily suffer as others improve. By doing Before and After scans on subsequent therapy sessions, the doctor can make adjustments.

Allows you to track health changes and adjust therapy if needed

You can track your health over time. By doing a scan before the first therapy and then periodically throughout the treatment, both you and your doctor can see how changes are occurring. If there are areas that are not steadily improving, then you have the data for you and your doctor to decide about how best to shift the therapy.

Provides quick, non-invasive way to gauge general health condition

Evaluate specific aspects of your physiology, such as the energy in a particular organ system with the Chinese meridian clock, or positive shifts in biological age versus chronological age (which shows adaptive fitness of nervous system), etc.  Your doctor can extrapolate information about hormones, organs, etc. from the screen information, which can then help pinpoint areas where your health needs support or what type of problems may be contributing to the presenting complaint but may seem unrelated to it.

Helps see issues and treat before they are symptomatic

You may think you are healthy but really are not (according to HRV) and treatment may be a good option. It can indicate the risk of future health problems and help you become proactive instead of reactive in terms of your health. See the actual state of your overall health. Don’t focus only on the short term or on the immediate presenting complaint. But consider your health in holistic terms and over the long term.

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