First, a definition:  our intestines contain billions of bacteria called the “microbiome”.   These bacteria play a critical role in out immune function, cardiovascular health, brain health, and have been shown to have a critical role in the development of disease states, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, autism, auto-immune diseases, inflammation, and heart disease, to name a few minor ones.  A healthy gut microbiome has lots of diversity with many healthy organisms and few unhealthy ones.  Any increase in unhealthy organisms or decrease in the numbers of healthy species is called “Dysbiosis.”


First, an unhealthy maternal microbiome can be transmitted to an unborn fetus via the placenta.  Being born vaginally coats the newborn with healthy bacteria while being born by Caesarian delivery deprives the newborn of this protection.  So, many of us start out life with serious deficits.

Next, diet has a critical role:  Eating a traditional American diet, with lots of simple carbohydrates, steroids, processed fats, and preservatives very quickly causes severe gut dysbiosis.  Eating healthy organic foods, grass fed beef, wild caught fish, few if any simple carbohydrates, no processed foods, plenty of good fats and pre-biotics encourages a healthy microbiome.

Taking antibiotics kills not only the bacteria that may be causing disease but also ALL bacteria.  One course of antibiotics can disrupt your gut flora for more than a year.  Many doctors prescribe antibiotics frequently and for minor illnesses, a huge cause of disease in America.

Lack of exercise will cause dysbiosis.  The reason for this is unclear, but the evidence is unimpeachable.  Beginning regular exercise can improve the microbiome.  Regular sleep will help the microbiome – lack of regular sleep will cause dysbiosis.

Our high stress, low sleep, sedentary life style is killing us in more ways than one.


Sleep 8 hours every night.  Eat a healthy diet, organic when possible, with no sweets, breads, grains, rice or pasta..  Exercise regularly.  Only take antibiotics when ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.  Take a good probiotic daily.  Go bare-foot frequently and walk in non-toxic dirt. 

Remember, a healthy life-style is the best investment in your youth, health and beauty that you can make, and promoting a healthy life-style in your children is the best insurance policy you could ever give them. 

If you need  help with getting your gut healthy again, call us.

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