Colored Light Therapy Filter: Quickly energize and balance 7 chakras at once.

Energize and Align Your Chakras Quickly and Easily with Colored Light 

7-Chakra colored light therapy; stained glass for home and professional use USAOpen and balance all 7 chakras simultaneously in 5-7 minutes by shinning full spectrum light through this 7-colored glass filter. 

It is not necessary to predetermine which chakras are in need of colored light to help them quickly open by this method since all are addressed simultaneously. Easy to use, this DeLightful-7™ can quickly help balance all 7 chakras in the privacy of your home or office.

This 29 inch tall frame is best suited for people 4’8” to 6’6” tall. So that all 7 colors cover your respective chakras simultaneously, hold the frame slightly closer or further from your body to expand or contract the light coverage. It is durable, using rubber channels — not soldering — to separate the glass panes and spring clips to secure them.

CONTENTS: (1) 29”x8” DeLightful-7; a shiny black metal frame with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purplish and violet stained transparent glass.

Where to Purchase:

Pick up in Mocksville, NC, or the ILS store in Clemmons, NC     $149.00 + tax.
Call Charles first so he can have one available for you at the store 336-978-6066  

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for users, energy practitioners and color therapists:

When using the Delightful-7 one must to be fully unclothed to obtain the full effect. Yes, the light will pass through your aura and Chakras which extend beyond your clothing, but it must also reach down to your bare skin for full effect, resonating the etheric sheath; and your meridians will also then be able to absorb the colors’ resonant energies.

We suggest using a full spectrum beamed bulb as close to natural sunlight as possible to obtain the full therapeutic effect. You can buy one from Charles like he uses. Call him.

This item is shipped assembled, handmade in the USA from USA parts.  

DeLightful-7 is a Chakra Bliss Art trademark.



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