Frequently Asked Questions about Theragem treatments

  1. How often would I need to do the sessions?
    A. It depends on what your issues are.  You may notice immediate relief, or it may take several sessions.
    Unless it is a more serious problem three sessions will usually create the relief needed.

  2. Are there any side effects?
    A. If you are dealing with an issue that has been troubling you for some time, and your immune system is compromised, you could feel somewhat worse before you feel better.   If so, let the therapist know and adjustments will be made on the protocol.

  3. How does the therapist choose the right gem cups?
    A. She has been trained to know how to adjust the light and frequency and choose the right gem cups. There are specific protocols for every issue, using specific gem cups and frequencies.

  4. Is it ever used for preventative, not a specific issue?
    A. Absolutely.   By getting a few sessions each change of season the immune system gets boosted, you are relieving stress and allowing the body to heal issues before they manifest. Or during and after a period of added stress in your life can help your body cope with the added cortisol rush stress the body experiences.

  5. Can it be used in conjunction with other treatments and medications?
    A. Yes, and can enhance other treatments you might be undergoing. (not chemotherapy-but afterward the treatments are over it is can help rebuild the immune system and relieve stress.

  6. Can it help with healing burns or surgery?
    A. Originally LED research was focused on healing wounds of soldiers.   It aids in both burns and surgery healing.

Call with any questions we haven’t answered here for you.   336 778 1950.

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