How Stressed Are You?

Take a moment to think about the condition of your life right now. As you do, mentally check the items below that apply to you and your everyday life. Be as honest as possible.

    __ I frequently clench my jaw or grind my teeth.

    __ I have a lot of headaches.

    __ I find myself stuttering or stammering more than normal.

    __ My neck or back feel tight or spasm for no apparent physical reason.

     __ Sometimes I feel dizzy or lightheaded.

    __ I hear ringing, buzzing or popping sounds that have no apparent physical cause.

__ I sweat more than I used to.

__I blush more than I used to.

__ I have unexplained rashes.

__ I get frequent colds and infections.

__ I seem to have developed allergies or have more frequent allergy attacks.

__ I have developed frequent heartburn, or I belch more than I used to.

__ I find myself sighing a lot.

__ My sex drive has diminished.

__ I find I have to urinate a lot more frequently than I used to.

__ I fly off the handle quickly, or just plain feel angry more often.

__ Lately I am having trouble remembering things.

__ I feel overwhelmed when trying to make decisions.

__ I just don’t feel like going out with friends as much as I used to.

__ I find myself either hungrier than usual or I have almost lost my appetite.

These are twenty common signs that you are feeling an unhealthy level of stress in your life. The more of these conditions that apply to you, the more likely it is that your stress level is at an unhealthy level. For the top 50 most common signs of stress, go to The American Stress Institute’s website,

How do you know if the stress you feel is affecting your health, especially your heart health?

One way is to monitor your heart rate variability, which has become a reliable way to gauge how stress is affecting your heart, nervous system and your overall health. Go to the Benefits of HeartQuest page on this website for more information about heart rate variability scan and the important information it can give you.

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