To receive a Theragem treatment there is no preparation.  

You lie down in a massage bed fully clothed.  

The light in the room is dimmed and relaxing music is played.

A light is directed on the crown of your head with Amethyst or Sapphire for 20 minutes, putting you in a Theta state, that of the relaxation you feel just before you doze off.  It is also the place that your body accepts healing best. You may fall asleep and, if so, it will not affect the therapy.

At the end of the 20-minute session the therapist will change the gem cup and direct the next one, diamond and carnelian, on your spleen for 20 minutes.   You will be asked to pull your clothing so that the skin of that area is exposed.

For the next session you will be asked what area of the body you want to address and for what reason. The Gem cup is selected, the skin exposed in the area of concern, and again the light shines on the area that needs therapy for 20 minutes.

At the end of the session you should feel totally relaxed and you may notice some immediate changes in the area of concern, although sometimes it takes time for the healing to be noticeable.


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