Light and Color Therapy

Scientific research is showing light frequencies, strengths and colors have healing properties. A new therapeutic discipline of light therapy is emerging from this research, with various kinds of targeted light therapies available to stimulate physical, mental and emotional well-being.             

   Some of the conditions treated with light include:

   *  Pain and inflammation
   *  Jaundice in newborn babies
   *  Sleep disorders
   *  Behavioral disorders in elderly people with dementia and Alzheimer’s
   *  Acne, psoriasis and other skin disorders
   *  Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)—also known as the winter blues or 
   *  Generalized depression, bipolar depression and mood disorders
   *  ADHD, ADD and Autism
   *  Surgeries

Theragem Therapy

The Theragem™ represents the marriage of the ancient knowledge of the     healthful effects of gemstones and light with twenty-first century LED technology. Gemstone light therapy is also known as dielectric resonance,     as it uses a blend of wave frequency, color, light, and gemstone energy to rebalance the body on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level.

Gemstones have been used for centuries in many cultures as healing agents, especially in Far Eastern countries and in healing systems such bas Ayurveda. Gemstones come in all kinds of colors, and so vibrate at a range of frequencies thought to be helpful for restoring order to the body or an organ when it has lost its own natural healing frequency and so is contributing to illness or dis-ease. By reflecting light through a slice of gemstone, the body receives the healing properties of both the light and the frequency/vibration of the colored gemstone.

The Theragem works within the 480- to 780-nanometer (nm) LED light range. The 660- to 670-nm level is known as the “wellness zone” because of the way it harmonizes with the body’s natural frequencies. It is believed that stimulating this resonance zone in the body helps revitalize and restore health at a cellular and sub-cellular level.

Theragem combines low-powered, non-coherent, polychromatic light and pulsed electromagnetic fields.  It beams them through precious or semi-precious gemstones and crystals.  This process amplifies the colored light frequencies and delivers them to the part of the body where the light is directed, focusing these wavelengths, encouraging the body to release vital hormones and endorphins, to relieve pain, boost localized healing, and shift troublesome moods.

Theragem produces a photo-stimulation response in the body.  A chain of chemical reactions at the cellular level is triggered by the targeted exposure and a healing response is induced in the body. 

Non-Invasive treatment for:

Behavioral:  ADHD and Autism

Blood:  High Pressure and Cholesterol

Circulatory:  Arthritis and Inflammation

Digestive:  IBS

Emotional:  PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and Addictions

Immune:  Infections, Lesions and Ulcers

Muscular:  Sprains and Tendonitis

Nervous:  Edema, Sciatica and Shingles

Reproductive:  PMS

Respiratory:  Asthma, Allergies and Bronchitis

Skin:  Acne, Burns, Eczema, Psoriasis

Sleep:  Headaches  and  Insomnia


   *  Increases blood and oxygen circulation to the body's cells, tissues, organs and glands;

   *  Improves most physical conditions.

   *  Relaxes muscles and nerves, causing a naturally sedative effect.

   *  Effectively addresses acute and chronic pain.

   *  Improves motional states including anxiety, depression PTSD and addictions without medication.

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