Two Great Lines of Essential Oils

In addition to the Plantessence™ line of individual essential oils and oil blends, we carry a large selection on essential oils and blends by Loving Sense and NOW.

LovingScents® (and Scents-ible Solutions, their specialized selection of blends) are 100% pure oils that are steam distilled or cold processed and have not been processed, diluted or manipulated in any way with solvents or other additives. They are of the highest and most reliable quality, perfect for those who seek to take advantage of the potential therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

The LovingScents and Scents-ible Solutions blends are mixed in the finest carrier oils, including fractionated coconut oil, which has an almost unlimited shelf life, or rich and silky creams, such as shea butter. These specialty blends include bug spray, maximum-moisture facial cream, Wise Woman blend, and more. See the link below to shop online for their entire line of essential oils.

NOW® essential oils and blends are also steam distilled or cold processed pure essential oils that have not been processed or diluted with solvents or other additives. Blends are usually in a pure grape seed oil base carrier, unless otherwise stated.

We recommend NOW oils for such purposes as scenting your environment; infusing into candles, soaps, and bath salts; making perfumes and potpourri, and such.

For therapeutic use, choose Plantessence or Loving Sense essential oils.

Safe Use

Essential oils are powerful concentrated remedies. They must be use wisely and safely. Always learn the contraindications and cautions for an oil or blend before using it. Click this link to review general Safe Use guidelines on the “What Is Aromatherapy?” page.

Shopping Made Easy

Drop by our Clemmons store to linger over our large aromatherapy display, or choose from among dozens of Plantessence and NOW essential oils in our online store by clicking this Shop link.



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