PRP (Platelet rich Plasma)

Platelet Rich Plasma is the 10% of your blood that contains all the platelets and dozens of growth factors.  We now know that the natural regenerative process of the body involves injured tissue sending out chemical signals that call platelets to the area.  The platelets release 40 or more growth factors, which activate your adult stem cells to form new tissue.

But what happens if you have an injury that overwhelms your bodies regenerative capability?  Until recently, you had to have painful, risky surgery which might or might not restore function and decrease pain.  Now you can have a simple injection of your own PRP, which will increase the concentration of regenerative agents by 1000% or more.  Then you just let your body’s natural processes heal your injury.


I have been a patient of Dr. Skeen's for many years. Being a disabled Army Ranger, and an amputee, I have tried to avoid knee and hip surgery. Orthopedists have tried steroid injections, only to provide minimal relief. The grinding and the pain would come back, only worse. Since the PRP treatment in my knee, the grinding has stopped. Every day, it feels a little better. I am so thankful for Dr. Skeen and his staff at Via Renew Greensboro for allowing me to be a part of this innovative therapy.
-James Gregorio, Wounded Warrior

Many thanks to Dr. Skeen for what has turned out to be a turning point in my life. On September 1, Dr. Skeen performed a PRP procedure on my shoulder. Within two weeks, I was feeling great relief of my pain, but also had a new outlook on the possibility of a full recovery. I am a professional landscaper *which requires tremendous wear and tear on the body* and suffered with my shoulder pain for many years. I had limited range of motion, and at times could not raise my arm without severe pain. It has now been six weeks since treatment, and I can truthfully state that I am at least 90% recovered in range of motion and pain relief. The professionalism of Dr. Skeen and his staff and the comforting environment made this experience worthwhile. I cannot fully express my appreciation and gratitude for the amazing result of a pain free shoulder. 
- Danny Burns, owner of Precipigation Landscape

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