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Created by Nature, Based on Science

Plantessence™ essential oil blends arose from our quest to help clients quickly and naturally achieve more vibrant health. We had no idea that quest would result in our creating a line of therapeutic-quality essential oil blends supported by hard science, but that is exactly what happened.

Here is our story.


It All Started with Heart Rate Variability

We use heart rate variability (HRV) scanning to gauge the overall health of our clients. It provides a useful portrait of their health “starting point” and helps us devise an effective clinical plan.*

A heart rate variability scan shows how well the cardiovascular and autonomic nervous systems can regulate themselves and adapt quickly and easily to stressors—such as anxiety and environmental toxins

A low heart rate variability means those systems are not working well, so that person has an increased risk for developing health problems over the long term.

We found that many people who appear to be relatively healthy have low heart rate variability, suggesting that although they are not consciously aware of their stress, their body is suffering the consequences of it.

Naturally, our clients wanted to know how to improve their HRV. So we started testing therapies by doing a “before therapy” HRV scan and an “after therapy” HRV scan to see if that therapy was beneficial to that client’s nervous system.

Most therapies—massage, light therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, meditation—helped many of our clients. But one therapy turned out to be a star—essential oils.

We tested essential oils more on a whim than anything else, and we were stunned at how effectively they helped to increase heart rate variability. Nearly every client, every time, showed a marked improvement—sometimes a dramatic improvement—after inhaling a single essential oil or an essential oil blend for only three to five minutes.

The Research Begins

Intrigued by our findings, we plunged into the scientific and academic literature seeking studies about how essential oils might physiologically shift the nervous system. We found dozens of well-done studies, many of them double-blind and controlled.

While none of the studies was definitive—as the research into essential oils has not reached the stage of clinical trials—they demonstrated that specific oils have targeted biological effects and were worthy of further study.

The kinds of effects included:

      •   calming or activating the sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system
      •   balancing the autonomic nervous system
      •   improving concentration and focus
      •   enhancing memory and recall
      •   relieving anxiety and lessening the severity of depression
      •   reducing the harmful effects of stress

The list of physiological and emotional effects went on and on. We even found studies on oils that improved free radical scavenging and so appear to have antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Although the FDA prohibits health claims for essential oils, these studies make clear that therapeutic-quality essential oils can improve health and functioning.**

Plantessence™ Is Born

         Essential oil portable inhaler      

Once we had matched oils with effects, our clinical aromatherapist got to work at the blending table. The result was a line of nine 100% pure, therapeutic-quality essential oil blends that can help return homeostasis to various aspects of the body-mind, especially the autonomic nervous system.

Since the nervous system is paramount to restoring and maintaining health, anything that can help improve its adaptability and enhance its regulatory functions is a plus in our book—and no doubt in yours.

So that’s the genesis of Plantessence. We have since expanded our line of blends and you can read about all of them in the appropriate pages of this website or follow these quick links: Plantessence Essential Oil Blends, Plantessence Single Essential Oils, and the convenient, portable Inhalers.

You can also learn about two special blends, ACE Blends, we sell designed to support your emotional and even spiritual well-being.

If you are eager to begin using essential oils, remember to always consult a reputable source to learn about cautions and contraindications before you do. Visit the What Is Aromatherapy? page to review our Safe Use recommendations.

If you would like to go straight to our online store, please click this Shop link.

Our Essential Oils

      •   Plantessence essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic-quality essential oils.

      •   They are sourced from suppliers who feature the finest oils that are harvested responsibly
          and sustainably from plants from their native countries.

      •   The plants are then carefully processed to retain the highest quality of their volatile oils.

* We use the HeartQuest system. Read more about it under the HeartQuest page in the Wellness Center portal, under Therapies.

** Although the use of essential oils as therapeutic agents goes back far into history and modern research has demonstrated some of their potentially positive biological effects, the FDA does not recognize most essential oils as "therapeutic agents." Anything that produces a medicinal or health effect is classified as a "drug" by the FDA and is highly regulated. Health claims cannot be made for any substances other than FDA-approved drugs. The material provided here is for informational and educational purposes. We make no explicit claims that essential oils prevent, treat, mitigate or cure disease. This information is not intended to be complete, nor can its accuracy be fully guaranteed. If you have a health condition, please seek the advice of a qualified medical professional.

Plantessence Essential Oils and Blends are produced and bottled by Carolina Health Options. Integrative Life Solutions, Inc. is the sole authorized distributor of Carolina Health Options’ Plantessence products.



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