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Research has shown that we are more than our physical bodies, we are also bioenergetic beings. Complementary and alternative healthcare has championed this fact for decades, and conventional medicine is slowly catching up. To be healthy, we have to attend to both aspects of our being—the physical and the energetic (in the form of a biofield, or field of energy that surrounds and interpenetrates our physical body). Integrative Life Solutions is here to partner with you to do just that. You can choose from among the energetic therapies explained in this section of the website and see related technology-based energy therapies in the Bioenergetic Therapies section.
Foot Reflexology                                                                                           

Foot Reflexology: Chart showing pressure point on feet corresponding to organsWhen we are in pain or stressed out, we tend to gently rub the area that is bothering us or to massage our temples. Sometimes we just want to be hugged or otherwise physically soothed. Why? Because touch heals.

Rubbing a sore spot on our body or the tension from our temples when we are stressed may be about more than just bringing more blood to the area, which in itself may stimulate or speed relief or healing. It also may be therapeutic for reasons that go back into the far reaches of history. Ancient images and texts from India, Egypt, China, Japan and elsewhere show that applying pressure to specific points on the body—especially on the feet, lower legs, hands, face and ears—induces a therapeutic effect, such as pain relief.

In foot reflexology, specific points on the feet are associated with various organs and body systems, from the eye to the liver to the shoulder. Depending on your wellness goal, specific points are massaged with varying amounts of pressure to stimulate the energetic connection to these organs or body areas. It is believed that stimulating the energy flow, or life-force energy (called chi, prana, or qi in various traditions), to these areas of the body activates the body’s own self-healing capacities, restoring equilibrium to that body area or organ.

Scientific research has shown that foot reflexology can have powerful therapeutic effects.* For example, in one randomized, controlled clinical study, women suffering from multiple sclerosis received nearly two months of foot reflexology therapy, which helped significantly in “alleviating motor, sensory and urinary symptoms.” The relief was persistent for up to three months after treatment. Foot reflexology also has been shown to relieve anxiety and pain in lung and breast cancer patients. A review article of various kinds of reliable, randomized and controlled scientific studies on foot reflexology reports that:


“1. Reflexology has an impact on specific organs (e.g., fMRI readings demonstrated an increase in blood flow to kidneys and to the intestines)

2. Reflexology can demonstrate an amelioration of symptoms (e.g., positive changes were noted in kidney functioning with kidney dialysis patients)

3. Reflexology creates a relaxation effect (e.g., EEGs measure alpha and theta waves, blood pressure was decreased, and anxiety was lowered)

4. Reflexology aids in pain reduction (27 studies demonstrated a positive outcome for reduction in pain; e.g., AIDS, chest pain, peripheral neuropathy of diabetes mellitus, kidney stones, and osteoarthritis).”

Other studies mentioned in this overview article report on foot reflexology’s benefits in relief from migraine and tension headaches, pain and anxiety from cancer treatments, bowel and digestive issues, insomnia, kidney function, sinusitis, premenstrual syndrome, and other health-related problems.

To date, foot reflexology is not a recognized conventional medical therapy, but it is proving itself to be a non-invasive, painless and pleasant way to stimulate your body’s self-healing capacities, reduce pain and anxiety, and improve your overall well-being. Come in and try it for yourself!

                  Foot Reflexology Session  $45                    

        Link to Reflexology Intake and Consent Form

Click here to link to the Reflexology Intake and Consent Form. Please print it, complete it and bring it with you to your appointment. You can also get a form at the clinic at the time of your appointment, but please allow time to complete it.



“ "The effects of foot reflexology on anxiety and pain in patients with breast and lung cancer.” See N.L. Stephenson, S.P. Weinrich, and A.S. Tavakoli, School of Nursing, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC. Oncology Nursing Forum, Vol. 27, no. 1, (2000): pp. 67-72.

“Reflexology treatment relieves symptoms of multiple sclerosis: a randomized controlled study.” I. Siev-Ner, D. Gamus, L. Lerner-Gava, et al. Multiple Sclerosis Journal, vol. 9, no. 4, (August 2003): pp. 356-361.

“What does research say about reflexology?” At University of Minnesota website:


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