Energy Therapies

Research has shown that we are more than our physical bodies, we are also bioenergetic beings. Complementary and alternative healthcare has championed this fact for decades, and conventional medicine is slowly catching up. To be healthy, we have to attend to both aspects of our being—the physical and the energetic (in the form of a biofield, or field of energy that surrounds and interpenetrates our physical body). Integrative Life Solutions is here to partner with you to do just that. You can choose from among the energetic therapies explained in this section of the website and see related technology-based energy therapies in the Bioenergetic Therapies section.

Sound as Therapy

Everything is vibration—from invisible subatomic particles to your body to Cybernetic pictures of water transformed by sound wavesthe largest galaxy. In fact, ancient texts claim just that—at the foundation of all existence is Nada Braham, which is the Sanskrit phrase meaning “the world is sound.” Every object in the universe—including a coffee cup, tortoise, chair, pigeon, cloud, daisy, stone, and building—has a specific individual frequency pattern. In a series of nested relationships, all like objects share a vibrational pattern. Each kind of tree, for example all pine trees, has a shared pattern that is different from the pattern identified with another kind of tree, such as maple trees. And even the larger class—all trees—has a shared “tree” pattern. So there are many levels of vibrational “identification” to which every object belongs, including you and me.
     Sound flowing through water creates unique patterns
         depending upon the frequency of the sound wave.

Since you are matter, you also have a natural frequency. Each distinct part of your body—cells, liver, thigh bone, eyeball—has a vibrational pattern, as does your whole body. Although the sound/frequency that matter gives off is not audible to the human ear, it is there nonetheless and can be used to enhance or stimulate healing. In complementary and integrative medicine, it is believed that when your natural frequencies become distorted, your body begins to fall into “dis-ease.” Returning that organ or your whole body to its natural vibrational state helps return you to well-being.

Sound therapy is also based upon the science of resonance. When two objects are in resonance, they vibrate together. Remember the old clock shop story: when the pendulum of a clock is set swinging, soon the pendulums of other clocks nearby will begin to swing in cadence with the first clock. That’s because they are resonant with (“tuned” to the same frequency) as the first clock. Clocks that aren’t at that vibrational level remain unaffected. Sound therapy applies the principles of vibration and resonance to health, delivering healing sounds and vibration in the form of the human voice, instruments, music CDs or electronic devices.
Music, Vibration and Health
Music and sound therapy have been widely studied and shown to be effective in helping relieve stress and anxiety, and thus speed recovery times from surgery and other medical interventions. They have also been shown to affect patients psychologically and physiologically in beneficial ways—helping to reduce pain and shorten the amount of time post-operative cancer patients spend intubated, stimulating premature babies to thrive, and more.

The therapeutic use of sound technology, such as sound beds and sound chairs, has increased dramatically over the years, and research is suggesting how the healing effect occurs. Lying on a sound bed that is gently sending massage-like vibrations through your body and wearing headphones piping soothing music or other kinds of sounds to your ears involves two directions of energy flow. One is from your ear (the music or sounds) down the vagus nerve to the root of your spine. The other is up from the base of your spine (the vibrations) through the vagus nerve to your brain.

As these energies flow along your vagus nerve, they touch every major internal organ in your body. Through bone induction, you in effect become part of the sound. Your body is truly bathed in sound energy and vibration, which through resonance may help restore vibrational order to your organs and improve your body’s natural frequencies and overall resonant coherence.

As sound researcher Jeffrey Thompson says, “A huge section of the brain stem and nervous system is devoted to sensing and processing vibration. The spinal cord is composed of nerve bundles carrying different kinds of sensation such as heat and cold, pain, pressure, vibration, et cetera.” A significant portion of the brain stem, which sits at the base of the skull and top of the spine, is devoted to processing vibration, so “when you are lying on a sound table, powerful emotional information, in the form of musical vibrations, gets processed right in the part of the brain where our most deep-seated emotional programs reside.” Since all healing usually involves the uncovering or release of blocked emotion, a sound bed experience can be therapeutic emotionally as well as physically.

At Integrative Life Solutions, our specially designed, custom-made sound bed delivers a combination of low-frequency sound, music and gentle vibration to deliver a relaxation and sound therapy session that has become a favorite of our Wellness Center clients. Isn’t it time you scheduled an appointment to experience it yourself?

Sound Bed Therapy (30 minutes)          $30


Link to Sound Therapy Intake and Consent Form

You can link here to the Wellness & Energy Therapy Intake and Consent Form that is used for Sound therapy. Please print it, complete it and bring it with you to your appointment. You can also get a form at the clinic at the time of your appointment, but please arrive early to allow time to complete it.


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