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With a broad range of both medical and bio-energetic therapies we offer real solutions to your health needs with the medical knowledge needed for understanding disease and solutions that are natural and without side effects of medications.   Understanding the root cause of your illness by looking at the physical issues, lifestyle, diet, and stress in your life, can help you achieve the health goals you want to attain to live a productive life well into your later years.   

In 2008 we opened Integrative Life Solutions, Inc. with a mission to offer the best possible state-of-the-art products and services in the Integrative Health Field. We represented three bioenergetic technology companies developed out of Russia and England, offering LED light therapy, Heart rate Variability, and a system that worked at the quantum level of the body. We also offered those services plus massage and facials in our clinic and later added Neurofeedback.   From the beginning our goal was to add only the services that would be beneficial to the body in natural ways and products free of toxins. Thermography, non-invasive and non-radiating, was added with a medical doctor taking the pictures, interpreting the reading and writing the report.  

In 2014 we developed, with the help of a certified aromatherapist, a full line of Essential oils and branded them Plantessence™ focusing on stress and the nervous system with nine blends to calm or stimulate the parasympathetic, sympathetic or central nervous system.

We knew subtle energies could help heal the body and keep it in balance, and thermography and Heart Rate Variability were great scanning tools to determine general health, but to treat chronic disease more was needed.  To get to the root cause of a problem could require medical intervention, with blood tests and a long -term plan.   Could that be done without giving the body toxic medicine and radical surgery?   We believed it could, and in early 2017 Dr. James Skeen approached us with the idea of becoming his management company for a true Integrative Medical Practice. We had the biotechnology, Integrative background and management ability, and Dr. Skeen had the Integrative medical knowledge and experience in hormone therapy, weight loss, and chronic diseases.   He was also one of the first doctors in North Carolina using stem cells for joints, ligaments and tendons. It was the piece we needed to be a true wellness center.

When our thermography medical doctor retired in December 2017, Dr. Skeen trained with him and stepped in to replace him. Since Dr. Skeen joined us we have added a line of pharmaceutical grade supplements he suggested to our non-toxic, organic products we already carried.

We can now offer services and products that provide both prevention and treatment for your health issues, helping you achieve the quality of life you want without expensive medications and surgeries.

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