Optimal Cancer Control:  Maximizing Your Chances for Health and Longevity

”Proper use of natural therapies and optimal support for body and mind can discourage the growth and progression of cancer!”

How we care for ourselves on a daily basis not only reduces the risk of developing cancer but also helps us better control the disease, essentially reducing its aggressive potential and increasing our chances of living a long, healthy life.  Our role is to support and guide you toward enjoying a healthier life while bolstering your body’s anticancer defenses and maximizing your ability to stay cancer-free.

Breast thermography is among the tools we use to help women identify their potential risk for the growth and progression of breast cancer.  Abnormal thermograms offer a kind of warning signal for future cancer, because they can detect the earliest processes linked with breast tumor growth. 

These thermal images, when properly interpreted, provide you with a golden opportunity for taking charge of your health.  Drawing from the best available scientific research, our nutritional oncology specialist and integrative cancer coach will coach you in utilizing the tools you need to keep your body cancer-free. 

In addition to helping you either ward off cancer or prevent a recurrence or relapse, ILS Oncology Support can help with the following:

*   redressing immune, hormonal and inflammatory imbalances
*   curbing the toxic side effects of conventional treatments
*   reducing the psychological stress of cancer
*   accelerating recovery from surgery and other treatments
*   enhancing your personal well-being and overall functioning

Our approach focuses on each person’s unique needs in order to support optimal medical treatment and complementary care regimens that address the physical, nutritional, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of healing and recovery.  It is our mission to improve each person’s chances of overcoming cancer while also greatly enhancing the quality of life.

By employing a scientific array of non-toxic therapies and self-care methods, our clinical experience indicates that you can live longer and better after a cancer diagnosis!

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