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Chakra-Balancing Cloths™ - Set of 8 (Violet and Fuchsia both provided for crown chakra)

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Cover all your chakras with Chakra-Balancing Cloths™, and lots of light simultaneously for 15 minutes, and your enerlgy begins to flow and resonate in harmony with its natural rainbow pattern. Quick, easy and effective, you'll wonder, "Now,why didn't I think of this before?" as you find relief from daily stress with renewed energy and balance. Easy and inexpensive to use! Feel the difference when you cleanse your chakra energy!

The following is from Charles Cary, the maker of these Chakra-Balancing Cloths.
(Be sure to use all 7 cloths at the same time to receive the full effect of this chakra color therapy.)

"I believe we each have 7 major chakra points which work collectively through our etheric sheaths, and directly influence the balance, vitality and flow of our “Chi or Qi”. In 1997 it was suggested I make and use colored cloths similar to those in this package, arrayed in the manner suggested, and use color’s reflected light to balance, ground, open and energize my Chi on a daily basis because life’s day-to-day stresses may be causing energy distortions or blockages within the chakras of our aura’s sheath. I and others have been using them ever since.

Many subtle energy practitioners and therapists believe the energy or “information” of radiated light reflected off pigmented colors interacts with our auras or bodies through harmonic resonance, and they usually wear colored clothing to offer this energy to our chakras or essence for extended periods. But to truly focus on overall opening, perhaps it is necessary to seek to overcome all possible resistance at once, known or not, so our energy might better flow within this “circuit”. I believe chakras are energy vortexes or portholes, both downloading and issuing light in the visible range. They are alive and dynamic, but so subtle that few of us can perceive them at present with the eye. When seen, they can fan out like a rainbow, and I believe each one contributes to the flow of our energy while it resonates around a particular color’s frequency if it is not materially distorted or blocked by life’s stresses or excesses. So, it seemed logical that by placing 7 colored cloths over their respective areas SIMULTANEOUSLY, it would allow our Chi to resonate, flow in harmony with its natural pattern and colors, being boosted by the reflected light off the cloths. One rainbow would assist the other. And I have experienced positive results using colored cloths in this manner.

A colored cloths experience is subjective, of course, but you may possibly feel what I and others have over time. A minimal 15 minute session for me removes much, or all, of a sense of the tenseness accumulated from my day-to-day stresses. The longer my session, USING 7 CLOTHS AT ONCE, the greater its calming effect on me. My rest from the session is deeper, feels more complete and there is a sense of balanced wholeness, a centeredness that is not present if I do not use the cloths. Afterwards, I feel an immediate evened sense of renewed, extended energy, somewhat similar to that found in more extended periods of traditional rest, but of a different nature. Longer sessions usually bring deeper emotional and/or physical relaxation and I feel more at peace, grounded. The effect is generally noticed after a session, but sometimes gradually, as the session progresses.

Others have sensed an ‘opening’ or greater clarity, as they call it, some noting an occasional sense of warmth in certain areas while using the cloths, which disappears after use. (Is it possible some sensitive people feel their Chi move while it is being unblocked?) A few will feel a “saturation” point reached during a session; a non-physical internal sense of vibration or quivering which may be simply our Chi’s way of saying it has had enough of the rainbow’s usage for the time being. Becoming more conscious of what you are feeling can help you better appreciate the effects of any subtle energy, and when you “use your colors” simultaneously in this way on a regular basis you will most likely feel the grounding, calming effects, and a relief from your day-to-day stresses to some degree. I think you are going to be surprised!

These Chakra-Balancing Cloths are cut and serged from the same natural fabrics used in clothing. Like real estate, “location, location, location,” is everything, so we hope you will apply your cloths as suggested here. Is it best in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Some people like myself, find it helps before bedtime, but others say it keeps them awake if used too late. Only you will be able to determine when it is best to use your cloths. So enjoy, and “do your colors” regularly. You deserve it!

I have provided the 8th cloth, violet, for those who may prefer that color over their crown chakra, although I suggest the use the pink or fuchsia instead for that purpose as that color “carries more of the heart opening that is connected to the crown.” according to channeled information. Just the same, either is perfectly acceptable for the purpose of helping open the Chi, as the cloths’ array is still stepped up in vibration from one chakra to the next, the circuit is helped to open and the rainbow effect is intact."

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

How to use: Over a white surface (such as bed spread), with lots of light, drape 7 cloths over bare skin simultaneously as follows: Red over the groin area, Orange below the navel, Yellow above the navel, Green over the Chest, Blue over the throat, purplish/indigo over the forehead, and either Fuchsia or Violet just above the head and let the rainbow effect work for at least 15 minutes.

Size: Each cloth cut and sewn to a minimum of 8 x 18 inches. (not preshrunk)

Contents: Eight 100% cotton, colored cloths assembled in U.S.A. of imported fabrics: one each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo/purplish, violet, fuchsia. RN 127175
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