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Join us for 8 weeks of informative and life changing
wellness tips and strategies, including:

   Reducing Stress & toxins – Recipes and Food tastings

   Choosing Proper Nutrition & Supplements

   Healthy Relationships, Beliefs, & Brain Function

   Essential Exercises for Safety and Mobility

   Cultivating the Mind & Creativity

   Safe & Nurturing Home Environment & More

Wednesdays 10:30 AM - Noon
March 29 thru May 17

Stefanie Draper
Health Coaching

Individual class: $15   Full Course: $99

Sign up:   Call 336 778 1850


Description of Each Class

March 29, 2017        10:30-12:00

1) Overview of Wellness- We will review the meaning and definition of health and wellness, as well as how perspectives of health have transitioned over the recent centuries. This class will set the platform for the following 7 classes and an exercise will give you a gauge for your own current health status and what areas are most important for you to address.

April 5, 2017             10:30-12:00

2) Environmental Toxins & Stress Management- Our world today is bombarded by chemicals, preservatives, and environmental toxins. When we know how to avoid them and detoxify from them, our quality of living increases exponentially. Physical and emotional stresses are heavy aging factors. We will discuss how to reduce and avoid stress!

April 12,2017                        10:30-12:00

3) Nutrition & Supplements 101- This course will offer a basic understanding of what nutrients are most necessary, their qualities, and what foods supply them. Supplementation will be covered as well as this industry has gained much influence over our nutritional decisions. Understanding how they affect us is key to an anti-aging wellness program.

April 19, 2017           10:30-12:00

4) How our Beliefs, Relationships, and Emotions Shape Us- Wellness includes more than food and exercise. How we process our environment, our family and friends, and our emotions greatly affect our physical health and vitality. We will cover awareness strategies in these areas to help us balance mind, body, and spirit effectively to stay youthful.

April 26, 2017           10:30-12:00

5) Activate Your Body! -  Physical fitness is something everyone, at every age, should include in daily life. There are so many fun options to fulfill this need! We will touch on strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and safety. Activities and demonstrations included, so bring your sneakers! (These exercises will be safe and carefully monitored)

May 3, 2017              10:30-12:00

6) Activate Your Mind! Brain health is very important as we age, and knowing ways to keep it supplied with the proper nutrients and mental challenges is significant.  We will review how active learning, puzzles and games, creativity, and social activities will maintain brain health. We will also touch on mind-body connections.

May 10, 2017                        10:30-12:00

7) Delicious Recipes for Fun and Health- If you walk this earth, food is part of your existence and it should be enjoyable! We will give you strategies for shopping and saving money, choosing simple recipes, and on-the-go options, as well as what foods should be on our plates and which ones should stay on the store shelves. Some food samples will be shared and you have recipes to take home!

May 17, 2017                        10:30-12:00

8) Life Applications & Wrap Up - We are in our homes a significant portion of our day, and that environment should be healthy!  We will cover home cleanliness and orderliness, healthy home materials/products, essential oils and diffusers, humidifiers and air purifiers, and more.  We will also have time for answering the questions that have accumulated over the previous 7 weeks (via questionnaires) so that everyone is heard and served!



Individual class is $15.00      Purchase all eight classes for $99.00

Call to register at 336 778 1950


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