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HeartQuest (heart rate variability) and Theragem (LED light and color therapy) are leading-edge technologies based on the latest frontier research in medicine, health, biology, and physics. They integrate biophysical and bioenergetics theory, allowing a truly holistic approach.

They are based on the premise that we have a body-field, a dynamic structure of information and energy fields that serves as a master control system for the physical body. The research evidence shows that we are both physical and bioenergetic beings, and to be healthy we must attend to both aspects of ourselves. By approaching healthcare from this integrative perspective, you can, with your practitioner’s help reach down to the root causes of your problems instead of working mostly at the level of symptoms.

Physicist Jacob Bekenstein has said that information appears to be the most fundamental aspect of the universe, even more fundamental than energy. Research is mounting that makes this truth undeniable—the human body is in many ways quantum in nature.

Researchers from systems theorist Ervin Laszlo to biophysicist James Oschman to biologists Rupert Sheldrake and Bruce Lipton to Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier are showing that we are energy and information beings. It is indeed an exciting time in the fields of medicine, healthcare, and biology!

Heart rate variability is an accepted tool used in medicine both to diagnose and predict future health risks. HeartQuest has gone one step farther and through the expertise and research of Russian scientists and Dr. Javdat Karimov and Dr. Michael Kessler, gives you information on not just your heart rate variability, but defines how it affects many systems in your physical and energetic body. A five-minute scan can tell how you handle stress and can give you a synopsis of your overall health.  It is an invaluable tool to guide you, and help your practitioner information about both your physical and psychological health.

LED light therapy (Theragem) can relieve pain, address depression, aid healing infection and surgeries, and boost the immune system.   It is non-invasive and with multiple scans you can hasten healing or eliminate many of the issues causing you physical or psychological distress.

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