Neurofeedback Testimonials

Autism, young boys.

Both of my boys have been diagnosed with HF-ASD (High Functioning - Autism Spectrum Disorder). Like any parent walking this journey, I wanted to help my children reach their potential, and started both boys on the Neurofeedback path at Integrative Life Solutions in August, 2015. Having now completed 60 sessions each, I can honestly say I am SO GLAD we went through the Neruofeedback process.

My oldest son, 8, (PPD-NOS) had moderate ADHD (Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder), moderate anxiety, and moderate executive function concerns. With each Neurofeedback session these characteristics have decreased to where they have become much more manageable, and he is now calmer with a major decrease in his anxiety. He is able to think through steps more clearly, and is better able to cope with his situation.

My youngest son, 6, (HF-Moderate-ASD), had moderate speech delay, moderate ADHD and moderate executive function concerns. With each session we were able to see a huge change in all these concerns, plus some. He is now able to verbally communicate his wants and needs more clearly (both receptive and expressive language improvement), and is calmer and able to socially interact with his peers.

I could go on and on about the MANY, MANY advantages my boys have gained while going through Neurofeedback sessions!

Brenda G, Clemmons, NC  June, 2016

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