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January 2019
Why Do You Treat Your Car Better Than You Treat Yourself?

November 2018
Dr. James T. Skeen: Blood Pressure Control

October 2018
Dr. James T. Skeen: Do You Have a Leaky Brain Barrier?

April 2018
Dr. James T. Skeen: Stem Cells

March 2018
Dr. James T. Skeen: The Perfect Pharmaceutical

Janurary 2018
Dr. James T. Skeen on Preventing common chronic diseases.

November 2014
Natural Ways to Reduce Ovarian Cancer Risk                        
Did You Know? Interesting Health Facts about Autumn             
Featured Product of the Month: All-natural Sleep Aids                
Featured Article: Kids’ Health: Placebos Take the Cough Away   
Featured Therapy: Massage                                                  
Keeping Secrets Is Bad For Your Health                                 

October 2014 
What Color Are Your Breasts? Thermal Imaging for Breast Health        
“Did You Know?” The Best and Worst Countries for Growing Old          
Featured Product of the Month: All-natural Sleep Aids                       
Featured Article: Everyday Epigenetics: How to Influence Your Genes   
Featured Therapy: Facials and Skincare                                             
Sleep Now, Suffer Later? Hidden Dangers of Prescription Sleep Aids     

September 2014 
“Did You Know?” Lucid Dreaming Improves Waking Insight                                     
Diet Tips for Relieving Depression                                                                      
Featured Product of the Month: Gaia Herbs and Natural Medicinals                         
Featured Article: The People’s Physician: An Interview with Dr. James S. Campbell   
Essential Oil Recipe of the Month: SuperStudent Blend                                            
Allergy Relief the Natural Way                                                                               
Featured Therapy: Foot Reflexology                                                                        

August 2014
“Did You Know?” Parenting Goes Right Down to the Cell Level                
Health Wonders of Watermelon                                                               
Featured Product of the Month: Fashion Bags and Scarves                     
Featured Article: How Open-Minded Are You?                                    
Essential Oil Recipes of the Month: Make Your Own Perfumes               
Grapes: A Novel Approach to Treating Diabetes and Other Conditions  
Featured Therapy: Neurofeedback and ADD/ADHD                              

July 2014
“Did You Know?” Interesting Facts about Emotions and Feelings     
Summer Health Supercharge                                                         
Featured Product of the Month: Plantessence Essential Oils           
Featured Article: Partnering for Your Health                                
Essential Oil Recipes of the Month                                               
Kids’ Health: When Too Much as a Good Thing Is Bad For Them     

June 2014
“Did You Know?” Is Your Cooking Oil Damaging Your Lungs?                             
Featured Product of the Month: Glō-minerals Cosmetics                                 
Five Strange Facts about Happiness                                                             
Featured Article: The Color of Hyperactivity: The Hidden Danger of Food Dyes
Essential Oil Recipes of the Month                                                               

May 2014
“Did You Know?” Mind over Matter in Weight Loss                           
Featured Product of the Month: Lavera/True Naturals                        
Featured Article: The Dark Side of Consumer and Beauty Products 
Essential Oil Recipes of the Month                                               
Get Up and Go! Six Surprising Benefits of Exercise                     

April 2014
Did You Know? Indian Spice of Life               
Featured Article: Demystifying Detoxification 
Spring Cleaning Your Life the Natural Way  

March 2014
Let There Be Light: The Healing Power of Light                    
“Did You Know?” The Upside of Gaming                           
Featured Article: Nurturing Your Child’s Creativity Quotient    
Of Citrus and Stroke: The Surprising Benefits of Vitamin C   

February 2014 
The Growing Popularity of Complementary and Alternative                
Health Therapies “Did You Know?” Introducing Your Brain               
Featured Article: Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu Season            
Feeding Baby: How Healthy (and Safe) Is Commercial Baby Food?   

January 2014 
“Did You Know?” Surprising Health Facts 
Featured Article: Defying the Odds: Radical Remission from Cancer 
Yoga: Surprising Health Benefits from an Ancient Practice  
Diet as Antidote to Chronic Disease 

December 2013
“Did You Know?” A Belly Full of Health 
Feature Article: Women and Breast Health: What You Aren’t Being Told 
Simple and Healthy Resolutions for the New Year 

November 2013  
“Did You Know? You Are More than Flesh and Bones” 
“How to Survive Your Life” Page 4
“Aromatherapy: The Healing Power of Essential Oils” 
Feature Article: WiFi and Children’s Health: Are Wireless Devices Safe? 


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