What is a nurse wellness coach?

Wellness Nurse Coaching facilitates the growth and well-being and healing of the whole person.

Studies show that most people would not describe themselves as thriving in life.  Many people suffer from burnout, relational and emotional trauma, physical ailments and self-esteem that keep them from really reaching their goals in life

More people are choosing to take control of their health by learning about proper nutrition and exercise but are not exploring the many other facets of their life. 

When someone comes to Anna Katherine for a coaching session, they may have a specific goal they want to achieve, but usually find there are many areas of their lives not working.

For example: they may want to lose weight and have tried many different diets with little permanent success.   In the sessions they discover they have created a loop in their mind of “I can’t lose with” and it has hurt their self-esteem, keeping them from connecting with community and having successful relationships.  With several techniques they can transcend their emotional barriers and discover that with intuitive eating they can change what has been causing weight gain.

Anna Katherine Barker’s Health & Wellness Consultations are designed to help you achieve, recognize and address:



                Emotional balance

                   Physical health

                   Spiritual health






Let Anna Katherine help you discover your barriers and make decisions that lead you to the path you have envisioned for your best self.

Discover your passion, purpose and meaning and learn to make goals to help you live

Call for more information or for an appointment:  336 778 1950

Anna Katherine received her BS in Exercise Science from High Point University, and her BS in Nursing at WSSU.  She worked at Wake Forest Medical Center in general medicine and oncology., with all ages of adults and children.   She also worked at Carillon Assisted Living.  This background has given her the perspective of how short life is and should be lived as fully as possible.

With a zest for life the pursuit of constant learning and the desire to help other, Anna Katherine pursued Health and Wellness Coaching giving her the broad background to help others to reach their mental, physical and spiritual goals.

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