Facials and Skincare

Your skin is the largest organ of your body.  It serves both as a barrier and major detoxifier, excreting toxins. Good, organic skin care hygiene and skin fitness can give you a heathy, glowing look regardless of age.

Your face is subject to sun, cold, heat, smoke and many other toxins, including products that contain ingredients that are not good for your health.  By getting a proper analysis from a trained esthetician you will not only learn about your skin type to address your individual sin care needs, but the esthetician can help you form good skin care habits with organic products at home.

 Benefits of Facials and Good Skin Care with a Certified Esthetician:

     *   Deep cleanse removing dead skin cells and unblocking clogged pores
     *   Improve skin that is too dry or too oily
     *   Slow premature aging by using custom, organic skin care regimen.
     *   Increase circulation and stimulate the skin
     *   Help prevent wrinkles and fine lines
     *   Keep skin moist and hydrated, improving the look and feel
     *   Understand about organic skin care products and how to use them

Call for a free consultation or try our Signature Organic Facial.  Enjoy a cleanse that is tailored to your skin type and needs; exfoliates with steam; detoxifies, nourishes, firms and moisturizes. Or check out the many other facials that fit your specific needs.

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